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Porch Memoirs Part 1

I sit on the porch watching the sun slowly settling down for a night’s sleep. I can hear the birds rushing to their nests, their clamorous chirping and frantic whirring.… Read more Porch Memoirs Part 1

My meeting with the Lord!

It drizzled that day I tell you. Yes it did. In the hot summer month of May, it drizzled. When a lady pointed this out to him, he gave a pose and said, “I am Rain God!’ which some partly deaf press correspondent wrote in big headlines: “I am Rainbow! Sheesh! I learnt that Lord Jeffery Archer was visiting Pune on a whirlwind tour (12 cities in 2 weeks) of India. I had made up my mind to make the best of the opportunity. More than me, it was my… Read more My meeting with the Lord!