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Tag: poetry

So Whispers the Wind

Come sit with me,Whispered the wind,There’s much to see,With worries far behind. Come talk to me,Said the wispy cloud,Only spoken it be,In silence not aloud. Come, take my glow,Tendered the… Read more So Whispers the Wind

Why Guys are so insecure?

Idecided to take a small break from my phonely woes and bring up this very important point that I feel most of the guys will relate to. “Don’t you feel that we guys are facing more insecurities than ever before?” Look at all the challenges that are been thrown at us from all around. Let me try and list some of them: Body shoddy: There were times when guys could relax with a keg of beer, belch comfortably and slouch on the sofa. But now those jerks on TV and… Read more Why Guys are so insecure?