The Trophy-I

A Screenplay written by Pratheesh


CAMERA shows the city lights at a distance. We are on a hilltop, expansive overhanging balcony/terrace with potted plants and a couple of reclining lounge chairs. As we continue to pan, we get a passing glimpse of a striking living-room behind large sliding doors.
We pause and focus on a table set-up at the center of the balcony. It’s a romantic dinner setting for two. A candle
placed inside a round bowl centerpiece arranged with orchids casts a soft glow. A crystal wine-decanter is half-empty. The dinner is half-way through.

We see CHLOE (26), a lithe, tall, brunette who looks as if she walked straight out of a Harper’s Bazaar cover shoot.
She is in a sleeveless,’impress-the-heck’ date-night dress. Her graceful, smooth arm lifts the wine-glass and takes a coyish sip. She peeks over the rim of her glass, across the table.
CAMERA caresses down her other arm laid casually across the table with a finger exceedingly close to a MAN’s hand, not touching but…

DAVID (42)a GQ adonis, with salt-and-pepper hair and a sun-tanned face that comes from hours of sailing. He is in a HERMES bespoke dinner jacket, a crisp, white LV cotton-satin shirt with an open collar. He sits relaxed with one hand resting next to his barely-eaten plate of steak and the other holding his glass.

A playful, panty-dropper, dimpled-smile plays on his lips. He takes a slow, measured sip. His tender eyes take her in.

I’ve never done this before.

She giggles.
David raises one eyebrow – barely.

This…a date like this. I mean,
I’ve been on many dates…not
many…I meant…
(a beat)
It’s only our second date, and I
can’t imagine going to someone’s
house I barely know for dinner…

She giggles again. She returns the glass on the table, picks
the fork and picks on her salad, casting glances at David.


No…of course not. This is all so

She gestures to the table.

I’ve never been on a date where the
guy prepared dinner for me. It’s so…


Haha…definitely not. I was going
to say charming.

David waves off the suggestion. His palm brushes against Chloe’s finger. She pulls back instinctively, then slides it back; this time lets her hand rest against David’s. Chloe’s eyes stay on the contact.

How do you like it?

Her eyes dart up. A tiny tilt of her head – what?

The view.

He gestures at the glittering city-scape below them.
Chloe rises up and walks towards the railing.

It’s breathtaking.

She inhales deeply and looks back at him invitingly.
David slides off the chair and moves next to her in a single smooth motion. Their bodies are close to each other – only a thread of air between them.

Do you like living so far out? Away
from everyone.

Why not? It’s quiet and peaceful.
And I get very few visitors,
(a beat)
..only the ones I really want to spend time with.

Chloe looks sideways and smiles, almost asking – Like me?

She wraps her arm around herself.

It’s getting chilly. Shall we head
inside? I owe you a tour.

Chloe nods. David extends his elbow. She slides her arm into his. He leads her in.
As they approach the sliding door, it opens automatically with a soft hiss.

…to be continued.

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