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Category: Poems

But it Ain’t Wrong!

This is a song I penned in a moment of musical inspiration. I am fan of both Rock and Country music genres. I foresee someone composing this into a nice… Read more But it Ain’t Wrong!

A Sneak Preview of ‘A Tear in the Pillow’

An excerpt from the upcoming poem from my poet friend…. I’m staring at the ceiling and its late in the night; Wishing you’ll come back, but that seems nowhere in sight. I’m tossing and turning and I am dreaming of you; I dreamt you’d be back, and how I wish dreams come true. I wake up to find me alone and a tear starts to roll… I’m weeping quietly with the pillow that I hold… Every single day I pray for you, my love; The first time…. ……more coming soon!… Read more A Sneak Preview of ‘A Tear in the Pillow’