A Poem without a title

rose_doodle_2There are moments everyday when I feel, in my hands I must hold your face,
And look in to your eyes and say I love you.
I feel like holding you close at all times lest I lose myself in this life’s maze,
And feel your breath against my chest every morning new.

Then at other times I miss your hug and your touch,
And into my hands I yearn for the way your fingers gently slips,
Your ever so soothing caress means so much,
I find myself often reminiscing the soft brush of your lips.

I yearn to see myself in your eyes,
Cradled between your sweeping lashes with loving care;
And gentle whispers in my ears will suffice
Please hold me tight and save me from the wordly glare.

The days you refuse to talk to me are the ones that I dread
I feel so lost and helpless like a lamb
And cry my eyes till red
And pray that you find me and forgive me for what I am.

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