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A Tangled World of Lobbies

The Real Estate Industry comprising of Builders and Developers, Realtors and Agents, Architects and Engineers, Contractors and sub-contractors who work on plumbing, elevators, electrical, fittings, tiling, carpeting to interiors and… Read more A Tangled World of Lobbies

The little ones still do kill Giants

When Tata Nano was conceived and realized, there were many critics. Many were head honchos of the auto industry itself. They and a large section of the domestic and international media claimed that due to its “affordability” more people will end up buying more of it thus increasing pollution and congestion. So do they mean they are purposely overpricing their own brands to save the world? Are they capping the number of sales per month to prevent congestion? Let us see this in perspective using figures of the biggest sellers… Read more The little ones still do kill Giants

Pseudo Democracy

We have government subsidized Liquor Shops and tax breaks for manufacturers But we also have bans on advertising of liquor on all media channels We have a ban on tobacco products and smoking in public places But we also have a dedicated Directorate of Tobacco Development to promote production Prostitution in itself is not an offense in the country But appointing a business development executive (pimp) or self-marketing is illegal Public Display of Affection is against moral laws and public decency But rape is the fastest growing crime in the… Read more Pseudo Democracy

Random Thought

After you become famous, your stupid one-liners become important statements. After you die famous, they turn into memorable quotes on calenders. If I quote today, I am told just that – it is stupid.