Pseudo Democracy

We have government subsidized Liquor Shops and tax breaks for manufacturers
But we also have bans on advertising of liquor on all media channels

We have a ban on tobacco products and smoking in public places
But we also have a dedicated Directorate of Tobacco Development to promote production

Prostitution in itself is not an offense in the country
But appointing a business development executive (pimp) or self-marketing is illegal

Public Display of Affection is against moral laws and public decency
But rape is the fastest growing crime in the country*

We build new statues to supposedly elevate the pride of the country, state or street
But we do nothing to protect the historic monuments of the country

We are made aware of the corruption, criminal backgrounds and scandals of our politicians
But we forgive and forget them more than the neighbours kid who broke your window

We worry about Indians in Australia and abroad
But we beat up our own when they come from another state for their livelihood.

We pride ourselves in being secular
But tolerate fanatics who destroy mosques, attack temples and burn people in the name of religion

We burn candles and stand vigils for the victims of terrorists attacks

But we protect the terrorist for a senseless trial at the cost of tax-payers money

We fight over a piece of our land with outsiders and let innocents die in crossfire
But we cut our country into pieces when some politicians go on a hunger strike unto death

We are a democracy

*according to data for 2006 released by the home ministry’s National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). A rape is being reported every 30 minutes, an alarming increase of nearly 700% since 1971 when the NCRB started recording them. It has been steadily increasing every year now standing at approx 25 minutes/rape.


  1. I guess the first step would be to accept we are hypocrites and then go from there. The so-called moral policing, the so-called farce of cultural protection, the drama of expensive elections played out to ensure criminals are re-elected. I guess it starts at home.

    – Don’t vote for a dubious candidate with criminal credentials
    – If everybody is a criminal show your protest in the ballot
    – Do your research. Don’t have information use RTI.
    – Stop spitting and pissing on the roads. Ask of others to do the same
    – Stop wasting the food we eat

    I guess the list is endless. A journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step. What am I doing? Thinking of positive steps 🙂

  2. Hey these are some real funny thoughts if you are not an Indian but I trust and understand there are lot of serious messages that has been shared.

    However not sure what positive steps can be taken to curb few of these existing realities .

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