They are stealing my name…I thought I was being unique when I stole it!

I realized a sad truth…I had always loved to be a bugger…CreativeBug was a name I had adopted ages ago…I think a few years ago….but now so many unimaginative sad people have taken up this name as their nickname that I am losing my uniqueness.

More than the uniqueness, which was bound to happen since I was destined to be famous, the problem I have is that of credits. Anyone using the pseudo name can stake a claim all my highly intelligent and creative work of art. I will be plagiarized and all the bad publicity generated due to the shabby piece of work that I can only expect from people who can steal from an original artist like me.

After I had christened my name as CreativeBug, I had even gone ahead and created a fantasy name for my future corporation – CreativeBug Initiatives.

It would be known as CI (first I thought CBI but then decided against it. I think my clients won’t appreciate an invoice from the CBI, I guess). I have been doing some business under the CI banner….I think CI will survive this vandalism.

Since I wrote about this first…I think I am right…and if someone had thought of this word…considering I was born to the 80’s well its not my fault if someone was born earlier than me…I rediscovered it…like Columbus.

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