The Spray of Freshness

I saw the drizzle. It was like…how do I compare this divine phenomenon? Probably the closest experience one might have had is going to a salon for your haircut and then he uses that Spray to wet your hair. That spray is what I am talking about. The coolness and the divine feeling the of the spray against your face is absolutely heavenly.

I saw the drizzle as I looked out of the window. I wanted to experience the spray of the beautiful rains. The freshness, the greeny clean feeling. So I decided to take my bike (before you imagine a superbike, I correct myself)…I decided to go on a ride on my Kinetic. I hope most of you have tried this. When it drizzles slightly and the sun is also out, take the bike out for a spin to feel that spray of heaven on your face. The gentle brush of the curtain of water that leaves you fresh.

No, I am not talking about the rain drops; not the rain drops. They are like pellets when you are riding a bike. They hurt. No, I am talking about that silver spray of rain mingled with the sunlight. It feels as if you are passing through a golden veil made of the finest threads of water.

So there I was on my bike, without a jacket. I looked up and felt the drizzle against my face. But I had to feel it better and that is possible with the bike moving. So I started off. I had to negotiate a slope as I left my home and was very careful. Anybody who rides bikes will tell you how lethal a combination mud and water is. I tried to ride very carefully with no use of brakes to avoid skidding. BUT…skid I did.

This old uncle came from nowhere as if he was David Copperfield, and I had to brake hard to avoid breaking our bones. Luckily the bike skidded yet I did not lose balance and managed to bring it to a halt before I hit the antiquity before me. He walked away shaking his head as if I was at fault.

I moved on. I could not let such small hiccups steal my heavenly delight. I decided to go to this military area which has excellent roads with hills on one side and fields on the other. I made up my mind that such a treat from the skies cannot be relished in a better setting than that. So I zoomed towards that road.

I finally was on the military road. Oh by the way, I wear spectacles and anyone who wears them in the rains knows that after sometime you really start wishing for a wiper to take care of the glasses. But then I could see the same way a person sees through a car windshield when the wiper doesn’t work that well. But these things were not really a concern. I was here to take in the rains and that I was determined.

So here I was. Enjoying the spray of water against my face (no helmet). The coolness of the water and the warm sun gives you a feeling that is so difficult to describe. The green hills and fields on either sides added to the experience. The drizzle (just like the barber’s) caressed my face. I opened my mouth and put out my tongue. The drizzle melted on my tongue with the sweetness of a candy. I wanted to leave my hands and throw them up in the air. But I was sensible enough to realize the after affects of doing that so I calmly held on to the bike handles and continued to soak in the rain.I was wet and enjoying the rains.

Finally I stopped. Not because I got tired. You can never get enough of the drizzle. But because it was very very difficult to see anymore through the glasses. I parked my bike and then removed my glasses to wipe it. Hmmm….the glasses were all muddy. I wiped it anyways and was still wondering. I wore them back and suddenly I saw things in a clearer perspective. I noticed that my T-shirt was all streaked with mud too. As if someone had put me under a fountain of muddy water. I looked in the rear-view mirror and was shocked to see the face staring back. My face was covered by a veil but not with the golden one I mentioned earlier but with a brown one. My face was covered with muddy water.

Then I saw. I was following a big truck and it did not have a mud flap. So now you know the origins of beautiful spray of freshness. I did not dare to open my mouth to check the candy on my tongue. I rode back home, for a shower!

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