For the year that was.

Fall Memories

A year just shed its months,
Memories made,
Moments lived,
Farewells bade.

Most (of which) will stay behind,
In the year that was,
Fading and yellowing,
Until it never was.

But a bright few,
Will be held on,
Close to the heart,
And cherished for long.

Today, is a new year,
A promise of fresh spring,
And a decade lies ahead,
To gather new leaves

– Praths

Context: I took the picture while exploring a trail at the peak of autumn. Fall evokes certain emotions, that perhaps aptly mirrors our state of mind as we approach the dying embers of the current year (2019). We are filled with a sense of anticipation and nostalgia, as we head towards the cusp of change. I wrote the poem inspired by this picture and as an adieu to the year that was.

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