Please pass comments!

You must have come across dime-a-dozen blogs forcing their opinions and thoughts on you since the time you entered the blogosphere. Well you will find this no different. I won’t try to persuade you to comment on my ramblings but then I guess you should anyways since you believe in the Freedom of Expression. If you don’t then you should comment anyways since it will be an opportunity for you to condemn me with words.

Thats Me!If you try, its not that hard to comment actually since you give unsolicitated comments almost everyday and here I am soliciting comments from you. But if you are are the type who will give only UNSOLICITATED comments then you could consider that I intend to ignore you completely (that should motivate you).

If you did read all this then I guess you have spend a lot of you valuable time making up your mind so you better comment or it will be worth nothing. Hope to see you soon since I will be rambling more and the bazaar will be full.


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