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Category: ideas

They will Hang the Shoe!

Originally uploaded by Nico Nelson The humble shoe that Charlie Chaplin once made famous by eating it is now again in the limelight for being a favourite protest tool. The latest trends show that the Shoe is far more effective in garnering media attention around the globe than bullets or assassination (I am so glad for that). Heads of States and Ambassadors now have to watch out for the next shoe that may find them. As of now 2 out 3 throws have missed there targets. But they are getting… Read more They will Hang the Shoe!

Secret to Irregular Blogging

Originally uploaded by boss allman Many people do NOT ask me how I manage to write my blog posts so irregularly. So after much thought I have finally decided to forcefully share some tips on this fine art of irregular blogging, lest this art is lost to mankind. I must tell you that this takes a lot of finesse and craft so please do not be disappointed in case you are not able to generate results following these tips. I have jotted down some very simple steps that will help… Read more Secret to Irregular Blogging

Why Guys are so insecure?

Idecided to take a small break from my phonely woes and bring up this very important point that I feel most of the guys will relate to. “Don’t you feel that we guys are facing more insecurities than ever before?” Look at all the challenges that are been thrown at us from all around. Let me try and list some of them: Body shoddy: There were times when guys could relax with a keg of beer, belch comfortably and slouch on the sofa. But now those jerks on TV and… Read more Why Guys are so insecure?