They will Hang the Shoe!

Originally uploaded by Nico Nelson

The humble shoe that Charlie Chaplin once made famous by eating it is now again in the limelight for being a favourite protest tool. The latest trends show that the Shoe is far more effective in garnering media attention around the globe than bullets or assassination (I am so glad for that).

Heads of States and Ambassadors now have to watch out for the next shoe that may find them. As of now 2 out 3 throws have missed there targets. But they are getting there. The Israeli Ambassador was hit in the leg by one such shoe when he was in Sweden.But with practice the throwers might hit the bulls-eye very soon.

Meanwhile the Secret Service and other such presidential details will have to work overtime and start worrying about the stray shoe as much as bullets. I believe soon Head of State press conferences or speeches might be made a Shoe-free zone very soon.

I dread the day when all those people are stuffed in to a conference room with their smelly socks and god save the President if they throw one at him.

Recent Shoe Throwing Updates:

Israel ambassador is latest shoe-throwing target

Man charged with throwing shoe at Chinese premier

Town unveils Shoe Monument in honour of the Bush Shoe Thrower

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