The Worlds First Programmers…

Parchment_code I was having one of those random conversations with one of my friends, to whom I am grateful for exercising restraint and not punching my face in. These conversations are more of a ignition that sparks the creative juices…whatever that means (I read about such juices in some book). Now coming back to the topic…our conversation led us to a theory (one of the many Nair Theories)…that keeps coming back to me. So here goes…

Ages ago when there was no religion or rather no organized approach to go to heaven or hell, it was more about respecting the nature and the provider. This is more on the lines of Paganism. People worshiped the nature, Gaia, etc. So a group of people then realized that people were doing what they felt was right, with no sense or purpose. This was not going to be acceptable as the community grew, conflicts were a way of life. So they decided to lay down some rules. Some rules that will give the people a direction, a purpose. Anyways any reason that propelled them was good enough to lay down some rules. But of course these people had to be influential to make a difference. Or at least influence others to listen to them and follow them. These bunch of people were the ‘World’s first Programmers‘.

They programmed people to follow certain rules. But why would people listen to them. FEAR! Humans are perennially afraid of what they don’t know or can’t understand. We didn’t know about fire, but in order to make fire a part of our daily life we needed to first understand it. Understanding helped us overcome or deal with fear then and it continues to do so. So the programmers decided to eliminate anyone who questioned or tried to spread their own wisdom. These programmers had to write their codes in such a way that doubting minds were shunted out or silenced by the majority.

The people who questioned were considered viruses or bugs and taken care of accordingly (example Socrates). Time and again they needed newer versions of the software so that it worked. Poor Jesus did not even know that he will end up making a new religion and an all powerful church with rigid rules and weird illogical beliefs which paint god as a man who believes in taking revenge. Our gods are filled with vengeance and human like interests so he okayed the creation of a private torture chamber called Hell…well that is just for starters…the rest of the religious logics are just as loony!

Anyways…this is not about god but actually more of a tribute to those first ‘human’ programmers of the world who revolutionized mankind the way software programmers did eras later with their computers and technology.

The early programmers did a lot of good too. For example: Many parts of the world solar eclipses are considered inauspicious and people are asked by religious scriptures to stay indoors to avoid harmful effects. Usually these effects are glorified to induce a lot of fear. But what I feel is the early programmers realized that solar eclipses can cause blindness when looked straight into with naked eyes. Since humans are dumb and will do what they are not supposed to, they programmed fear of the unknown through religious fine-tuning to keep them indoors. They also added some purification rituals to be done after the passing of eclipse for good measure. So that kept the people indoors. There are many such instances that tell us how smart were these ‘human’ programmers of the yesteryears.But these were more of the open source doing-good kind of programmers who did this kind of philanthropy.

Unfortunately most of the programmers were and even today are more of Religious Architects who design the fundamentals of a religion which is more of an Operating System for humans. Their fundamental objective is to uphold the powers vested with them as supreme programmers of mankind. If you thought they have become obsolete in modern times, well then think again. They are as strong as ever and can be found all over the world doing what they know best…human programming through the most reliable and unquestionably the best software program in the world – FEAR! The mode of distribution is much better than the internet and more widespread. Churches, Clergy, Imans, mosques, temples, priests, etc; who use their own protocols to spread their proprietary codes by exploiting the vulnerabilities that exist in humans.

So sit back and think of our way of life. The programmed way of life of our ancestors – the blind faith, unquestioned belief in their respective OS (religion). Its so easy to sit back and accept the instructions because it gives us a feeling of coziness and security. But when you start asking questions, questioning your faith, your beliefs, you will notice the small changes in the program around you. The way people react, the way you are silenced or ostracized, everything against you is so organized all of a sudden – like it was pre-programmed to take care of such issues. Well I think, you should go back and watch ‘The Matrix’ to reinforce the underlying thought of this post…meanwhile let me think out of the ‘box’ to come up with more questions.


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