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Category: nonsense

They Would Never Hurt Fly

Hurting Flies and Mass Murderers

I shake in my boots when I hear – “Oh! It came as a surprise to me! That boy could not even hurt a fly” If not hurting flies ┬áis… Read more Hurting Flies and Mass Murderers

They will Hang the Shoe!

Originally uploaded by Nico Nelson The humble shoe that Charlie Chaplin once made famous by eating it is now again in the limelight for being a favourite protest tool. The latest trends show that the Shoe is far more effective in garnering media attention around the globe than bullets or assassination (I am so glad for that). Heads of States and Ambassadors now have to watch out for the next shoe that may find them. As of now 2 out 3 throws have missed there targets. But they are getting… Read more They will Hang the Shoe!

Secret to Irregular Blogging

Originally uploaded by boss allman Many people do NOT ask me how I manage to write my blog posts so irregularly. So after much thought I have finally decided to forcefully share some tips on this fine art of irregular blogging, lest this art is lost to mankind. I must tell you that this takes a lot of finesse and craft so please do not be disappointed in case you are not able to generate results following these tips. I have jotted down some very simple steps that will help… Read more Secret to Irregular Blogging

There is nothing called Rational Thinking, only Rational Justification!

Yes you can stop guessing who said that. I said that and I firmly believe in it. I am sure many of you relate to it and others will claim that they can think rationally. But the fact remains that whatever you thought don’t usually work out the same way you expected and then you do justify. The whole point of rationality is acceptance. The general or societal or public acceptance. So it makes perfect sense to justify your action rationally than to act rationally. Because if you actually start… Read more There is nothing called Rational Thinking, only Rational Justification!

I don’t DATE coz I am bad with numbers!!!

Yes, I hate dates…I detest them. I cannot stand the idea of dates…because dates are made of numbers and yes I confess…for the first time I confess…I am Arithmophobic or Numerophobic….well not exactly to the full extent of its defination but I am sure I lie somewhere real close. Since my early childhood, I detested numbers. The story goes way back to when I was in 1st standard (grade). I am not sure if my deluded memory betrays me but I am sure I successfully hosted the singular Chicken pox… Read more I don’t DATE coz I am bad with numbers!!!

I just WON’T write today…

I have been fairly regular in writing posts after posts these days. I makes me feel as if I have a lot of free time in hand. Well I have decided that I will not write anything today. No, I just won’t. How can you expect to come up with something new everyday? My fans (or to be fans) have some expectations from me. How can I allow myself to degrade my quality like all those junk writers like Stephen King and Ekta Kapoor serials, who just don’t care anymore?… Read more I just WON’T write today…