I just WON’T write today…

I have been fairly regular in writing posts after posts these days. I makes me feel as if I have a lot of free time in hand. Well I have decided that I will not write anything today. No, I just won’t.

How can you expect to come up with something new everyday? My fans (or to be fans) have some expectations from me. How can I allow myself to degrade my quality like all those junk writers like Stephen King and Ekta Kapoor serials, who just don’t care anymore?

I feel it is important for an artist to keep things in control by being slow and steady. Or you will end up with a writers bloc. Now thats the last thing you want happening to you especially if you are a writer. I am glad I am not dependent on my extraordinary writing skills for my bread and butter. Thats also partly because I hate bread and butter. Bread and butter is for lazy pansies.

But having made up my mind not to write has given me this liberated feeling. Its like the time when your girl tells you, “honey, I need my space”. Well I think, thats exactly how I am feeling right now. I am not sure though because that line leaves me more confused than ever. Its a reassuring feeling to know that you are not getting addicted to something.

Its scary when you realize you might be getting addicted to something. But then I don’t think it goes beyond that. No one tires to stop the addiction till pushed for. Usually you don’t realize all this till someone tells you and then you don’t believe them too. The only time you accept that you are addicted is when you try to sound romantic by telling your sweetheart that you are getting addicted to her ( I am not sure I have heard that from a girl).

Well, since I have got that extra time by not writing today, I should apply that time towards something productive. I think I will watch the Family Guy or maybe Simpsons. They are really educating. I can get to learn a few things. Oh damn!….I just realized something…why the hell am I writing all this.

Sometimes I feel I am perennially on a high!!!

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