From pain and suffering, rises Creativity, thus spake Creativebug

This is one of the heart-rendering poems churned out from the soul of my friend, who is dealing with his lost love and arising emotions.
The name of the poem is “Come back my love!”

clipped from
Can I ever look into her eyes again?
Can She ever realise that I am in pain?
Can the world we created rise again?Can I prove to all that im not sounding insane?
Is this the end, my beautiful girl?
Is this the end, my sweetheart?
Is this the end of all our marriage plans?
Is this the end of the author’s clan!
Can I paint a picture of us?
Can it be beautiful and sweet?
Can I not be in need of some strangers hand?
Can I not look around in some desperate land?
I’m lost in the wilderness
I’m struggling in this madness
I’m im a need to put my life back on track!
I’m in need of a reason for you to come back!


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