Of The Great dinner conspiracy and Thriting!

This is a continuation of the mind exercise…this is just typing where your thoughts lead you. Here is the deal….just keep typing what you can think of…till your thinking becomes one with your writing…I call it ‘THRITING’ (you can see the conceptualization of this word in the monologue below).

Anyways since you have given me permission to ramble I think I should pick up from where I left off.
But the problem is I can’t remember where I left off, it happens sometimes when you have dinner.
Dinner tends to make you forget. Have you noticed that.

Its true. Sometimes dinner gives me a character change. I am transformed after dinner.
After the last morsel….all of a sudden I feel this wave of laziness that spreads through my body.
The need to be lazy is predominant.
My body wants to sit back where it is…while my mind urges to get up since only my mind knows what happens if you keep sitting in a hotel for ages. I want to try this once…anyways that is a different story.
You see this happens since the body wont work with the mind. Mind is still my old self….wanting to be active…wanting to be myself again…the same young enthusiastic Pratheesh that I am…hehehe.

But damn dinner…
I think dinner was invented so that people can feel mature.
Its a theroy…theory
Its possible…think about it.
Its always an adult thing.
Kids are not keen about dinner.
Its so fun to skip dinner, but the adults (read parents) are so keen on forcing before sleep.
Its the parents way to make children grow. I think this is a conspiracy.
I feel if we abolish dinner…may be children wont grow at all.
Children can stay young…because nothing will mature them …wow now that is an interesting theory.

I think you might be in the tub of cold water…the thing u do…it must be fun….i always have to splash cold water all over my face and hair during summer. So i look comin out of a pool all the time.

They say a girl looks the prettiest when she comes out of the bathroom. I had this first crush of mine sayin that when she was competing for our college crown. It didnt make sense to me.
i might agree if she is coming from the bathroom…the point here will be what is she coming out in 😉

But then i guess it is the wet hair…may be…I think I look okay in wet hair…more than okay.
But then when I had long hair it was better, then it started getting irritating.

I mean….long hair gave me an insight to women and how they try and manage their hair.
It was a study in hairhood.
It is simply amazing how they can manage hair that well. Actually I think I know the secret of why women get easily irritated…its the hair.
I used to get real pissed because the wind used to blow the air onto my face…and it used to be real difficult to manage
and the ticklish feeling is too much…no wonder women can get real irritated fast.

I did have fun growing my hair. It was an experience.
I felt like a celebrity…wherever I used to go people used to look at me.
At first I thought it was how celebrities felt, then i realized that they might be looking at me and wondering is this ass a guys or a lady’s.
I mean thats how gross it used to get…

This is actually a train of thoughts, its more of an exercise…its like trying to pen down what you are thinking as you think.
You should try it sometimes. After sometime the line between thinking and writing is nil.
Then you start to think and write together…you can call it ‘thrite‘…hmm that sounds nice
So right now I am thriting.

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