Ways to get Free Food

Its a very simple and probably well-practiced theory. Take a look at my 13 steps to free-food:

  1. Make a list of all your friends.
  2. Mark their birthdays on the calender with a name corresponding the dates.
  3. See how many friends have you got.
  4. You should then target each month.
  5. Spend hours on Orkut and other community websites (I prefer Orkut)
  6. Your aim should be to make a friend for each day of the month, say February (its a good start..shorter month)
  7. Try to keep the circle within the town or city you live in currently though an extended circle is also fine at a later stage. Ideally try to befriend someone from a city you are most likely to visit.
  8. Once you are done with that month move on to the next. It will take time but its worth it.
  9. The objective is to make a friend for each day of the year (birthday of the year).
  10. Repetitions are acceptable. Multiple birthdays on a single date are fine. (I will explain that in a few mins).
  11. Ensure that the you have a good reminder service. Orkut is just fine.
  12. Make sure that you wish these friends and surprise them on their birthdays and days prior to that.
  13. Usually the invitations for a treat are given out prior to the date and not on the day.Make yourself seen and get yourself invited. Modesty is not the best resort here.

Well there you have it…Free food…Throughout the year…You cannot go hungry.

You will take sometime to tweak this to perfection. The repetitions are going to be extremely helpful since some of your friends might not be in town or some may be miserly enough to sneak out of a treat (that happens often). Also make sure you might want to give a treat once in a while though ideally you might want to lay low on the radar to avoid over-spending your meager budget.

Besides the birthdays you will also be invited to the weddings and receptions and other important occasions of your friends life. These are the fringe benefits of all the efforts you took. Accept these as a bonus.

I am still making the calender…for those who feel this as a cheap way to eat food…I cannot agree more…it definitely is and cannot be practiced by the weak hearted. You need to be think-skinned and very determined to achieve this.

Others who are motivated by this…please make sure you share your calender with me.

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