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Category: imagination

Porch Memoirs Part 1

I sit on the porch watching the sun slowly settling down for a night’s sleep. I can hear the birds rushing to their nests, their clamorous chirping and frantic whirring.… Read more Porch Memoirs Part 1

Photoshop: Best Surgeon in the world

Model (M): I would like a portfolio made Photographer (P): Sure madam, please come in. Are you planning to send it to producers or modeling agencies? M: I am not sure but I want some flexibility P: Well no problem, let us start M: No no I had come to check the rates. I am not even dressed for it. I need to go to the parlour before the shoot. P: No need to worry madam…I can take care of it M: You mean…you do make-ups? P: No, but I… Read more Photoshop: Best Surgeon in the world

There is no ‘Present’, its either the ‘Near Future’ or the ‘Recent Past’ – George Carlin

Think about it. I heard this in George Carlin’s show he did for HBO in the 80’s. And I say to myself…hey it makes sense. He brought back my thoughts on a topic close to my heart…no! not ‘time’….but ‘perception and reality‘. So lets understand this, TIME is a concept, a man-made concept, used by man to keep track of everything. So like many other standards, like the metric system, TIME is also a concept that makes an interesting concept to think about when you are doing nothing productive. That’s… Read more There is no ‘Present’, its either the ‘Near Future’ or the ‘Recent Past’ – George Carlin