A baby is born and its a…PIG!


Finally the day that I and my Pighunt team were waiting for is here. The delivery happened today. Early in the morning. There were a few complications on the way. Small fixes here and there saved the day.I got the call…’Sir! Congrats, we have a Pig!’

Those were like the best words I heard in a long time. Your sweat and toil ends up in a result that you were expecting and that makes your day. The Pig wanted a Nano launch. So we gave a Nano launch on the day that the car Nano was launched in Mumbai. Ground-breaking events I say!

We will be looking forward to the support and love of people who know us, love us and those who will start knowing and falling in love with us very soon. I am so drunk on happiness that I cannot type anymore. Let the bubbles flow…I am the proud father of a Pig!

For the first glimpse of the cute Pig check – www.pighunt.in

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