Photoshop: Best Surgeon in the world

Model (M): I would like a portfolio made

Photographer (P): Sure madam, please come in. Are you planning to send it to producers or modeling agencies?

M: I am not sure but I want some flexibility

P: Well no problem, let us start

M: No no I had come to check the rates. I am not even dressed for it. I need to go to the parlour before the shoot.

P: No need to worry madam…I can take care of it

M: You mean…you do make-ups?

P: No, but I can photoshop the snaps and take care of everything

M: But I have not brought any costumes

P: No problem madam, I will photoshop it and I can give you any clothes you want or not 😉

M: Err…but

P: Don’t worry madam, I will take care of the butt also. I can give it any shape you want

M: Oh! I did not mean… can!!!

P: Of course…in fact what is your vital stats?

M: Well….

P: Never mind…never mind…I will give you some choices after the shoot.

M: What about my hair?

P: That is easy. I can photoshop it to look blonde, brunette, ginger even rainbow it up.

M: I won’t want that…rainbow..hehe!

P: Oh that is nothing madam, you want a painless tattoo I can photoshop it on you…any part of the body you like.

M: Oh I always wanted a tattoo!

P: In fact I can give you a face lift, liposuction, breast enhancement…just about anything you wish. In fact I think you can lose some weight around the hips and I can even scrub your back. After air-brushing the images you will have skin like a baby.

M: Hmm…but…but…I am actually a guy.

P: Oh sex-change…no problem…I have Photoshop na!


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