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Category: imagination

Ways to get Free Food

Its a very simple and probably well-practiced theory. Take a look at my 13 steps to free-food: Make a list of all your friends. Mark their birthdays on the calender with a name corresponding the dates. See how many friends have you got. You should then target each month. Spend hours on Orkut and other community websites (I prefer Orkut) Your aim should be to make a friend for each day of the month, say February (its a good start..shorter month) Try to keep the circle within the town or… Read more Ways to get Free Food

Of The Great dinner conspiracy and Thriting!

This is a continuation of the mind exercise…this is just typing where your thoughts lead you. Here is the deal….just keep typing what you can think of…till your thinking becomes one with your writing…I call it ‘THRITING’ (you can see the conceptualization of this word in the monologue below). Anyways since you have given me permission to ramble I think I should pick up from where I left off. But the problem is I can’t remember where I left off, it happens sometimes when you have dinner. Dinner tends to… Read more Of The Great dinner conspiracy and Thriting!

Traaaaiin of Thoughts!

These thoughts came to me when I was on a monologue spree. I will talk about this spree later…right now just sit back and enjoy. Ok I will be here when you come back I guess, or may be will be lost in my own world Its strange to hear yourself talk. When I hear my own echo on the cell phone…I sound like a stranger to myself, its like someone else. If nobody had taught me about echoes…probably I wouldn’t have guessed who it was and kept the phone… Read more Traaaaiin of Thoughts!