Traaaaiin of Thoughts!

These thoughts came to me when I was on a monologue spree. I will talk about this spree later…right now just sit back and enjoy.

Ok I will be here when you come back I guess,
or may be will be lost in my own world
Its strange to hear yourself talk.
When I hear my own echo on the cell phone…I sound like a stranger to myself, its like someone else.
If nobody had taught me about echoes…probably I wouldn’t have guessed who it was and kept the phone thinking it was a wrong number.
Not the I keep talking over an echo…come on I have a life…I have better things to do than hearing myself talk
like talking to myself or rather chatting to myself.
Its so cool, I dont have to hear my irritating voice and still i can chat….i must say IM is a great innovation.
It keeps you going on days when your bored then you can practice with yourself before you go about boring others
but I guess I don’t have to feel bored….I can be an interesting company

I know that….I have been told.

Sometimes I feel I am nuts, then I get my wonderful friends to confirm that for me.

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